Definition of Sluggy Freelance - Insanely funny comic, with an actual plot. YOU READ NOW!!
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Reactions to strips:
8/6/02: Holy sh*t. (head spins) Whoa. This is an emotion it usually takes me a while to get to, yet this comic brings it all into one. And that's hard to do. I just hope Pete doesn't do the B5 thing and end it after 5 years (not likely, but I'm in a weird mood and it seemed to fit. "To Bikini Suicide Frisbee Girls."
8/7/02: Much needed and well placed comedic filler. And I wouldn't truly mind if Pete does take enough filler days to get the sundays back to sunday. 8/8/02: Okay, now he's just being silly. :bert: Crotch! :bert: And so am I. (runs) 8/9/02: It may not be Pete's, but it is funny, especially the Hereti-Corp logo bit and the fact that I'm seeing that movie tomorrow.