Paul Svensson, Engineer and Translator

Thanks for looking me up, and welcome to my small page. I'm a software developer, Unix Engineer, freelance translator originally from Sweden, currently operating out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Here you can find my resume, a list of my latest translations, and a letter from a satisfied client.

I also have a page on ITS, s small code portfolio, a short autobiography, and a family tree.

APL is good for one thing -- matrix arithmetic -- but is rarely used as the solution for people who do intensive matrix arithmetic, and instead is presented as the solution for everything else.

Why would this appeal to GNU? Because APL and GNU share things in common. A priesthood with severe entrance requirements. A hoi polloi who can't understand what the priesthood is talking about. An architecture decided by humor.

On the other hand, GNU and APL are also very different. APL, at least, was an original idea. GNU hasn't had a single original idea in its entire existance.

            -- Mark Crispin
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