Paul Svensson, Engineer and Translator

Thanks for looking me up, and welcome to my small page. I'm a freelance translator and software developer, originally from Sweden, currently operating out of New Castle, Delaware.

Here you can find my resume, a list of my latest translations, and a letter from a satisfied client.

I also have a page on ITS, a short autobiography, and a family tree.

Please understand; our answer will always be NO. It always has been, and it always will be. I will try to put this in simple terms; NAT (Network Address Translation) and similar 'technologies' (masquerading, etc) are detrimental to the Public Internet.

NAT destroys the end-to-end transparency of the Internet. If you do not understand this or the ramifications of this, please READ UP ON IT and make up your mind. It is a short-term, detrimental solution to a long-term problem which is most easily solved by USING UP ALL AVAILABLE IPV4 ADDRESSES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to force a transition to IPv6.

            -- Oystein Homelien
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